Bridget Williams of Red Horse Healing in Piedmont, SD

Bridget Williams

Bridget Williams was raised in Wagner SD, one of ten children. Having been exposed to trauma both in her childhood and adult life, Bridget has personal experience with how horses can help us heal from trauma. Horses have been a part of part of Bridget’s life as long as she can remember. She has said “I would not of survived childhood and parts of my adult life without horses, they have listened when I felt no one else could hear me.”

Bridget is very familiar with reservation life and Native culture and is honored to have experience working with many children, families, and communities on the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, and Yankton Reservations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Community Mental Health and School Counseling from the South Dakota State University, and is a licensed mental health professional in the state of SD. Bridget specializes in working with individuals with trauma. She is certified as a Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapist, is certified in Project Making Medicine, a culturally adapted (Native American) TFCBT, certified in treating Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors, and has certification in EAGALA, an equine assisted growth and learning association. 

Her career includes assisting in the development and implementation of the Lakota Circles of Hope, a 2nd to 5th grade prevention program that targets drug and alcohol addiction, violence, and promiscuity. Bridget also served as clinical director of Tiwahe Glu Kini Pi for five years and was a critical player in the program’s start-up and development as a Lakota Based Mental Health Program, developing the clinical manual and helping start and maintain the equine assisted psychotherapy groups for youth and families. 

Her work includes veterans programs and law enforcement agencies from Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Rapid City. Red Horse Healing’s main focus is on helping children, individuals, families, and communities heal from trauma, encompassing the imp act of historical, generational, and vicarious trauma. Bridget also works at the Trauma Center through Youth and Family Services in Rapid City and provides mental health services through White Buffalo Calf Women’s Society on the Rosebud reservation. 

Bridget currently lives in Piedmont, SD, where she established Red Horse Healing, a program providing equine-assisted learning and therapy to individuals and organizations in western SD. Bridget and her husband, Dr. Mike Williams are proud parents of 5 children and 2 grandchildren.